Academic work

Benjamin’s doctoral work on music and science resulted in the 2007 book Music, Experiment and Mathematics, and Benjamin followed it up with four volumes presenting key source texts in that area, dealing with the musical writings of John BirchenshaThomas SalmonJohn Wallis and René Descartes.

His textbook, How to Read Historical Mathematics, was one of Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Titles for 2010, and is recommended reading for a number of history of mathematics courses in the UK and USA.

As part of his work on Charles Hutton he edited Hutton’s roughly 130 surviving letters and produced an online catalogue of Hutton’s library.

His 2016–18 research project on the early modern reception of Euclid’s Elements has resulted in a collection of essays on the practices of reading mathematics in the early modern world, and a catalogue of the early editions of Euclid’s Elements of Geometry.

A (selected) list of his books and papers can be found here.

He is the editor of the British Journal for the History of Mathematics and an organiser of Oxford’s seminar in the History of the Exact Sciences, and of an ongoing series of workshops on topics in early modern mathematics. He is always happy to hear from prospective graduate students in history of mathematics.